Build a scalable UI library that others would love to use.

What role do Bit and play in web development?

So, what is Bit?

Bit is an extensible OSS tool for component-driven development. …

Using Bit to solve all major challenges presented by the CDD development strategy.

Using Storybook to render React components in a Bit workspace

The difference between Bit and Storybook

Why you should stop using tools and methodologies made for monolithic projects to develop and collaborate on modules.

Independent components imported from multiple scopes and exported back with a new version

Create an ultra-modular React component library: scalable, maintainable, and with a blazing-fast setup.

Achieve DS scale and adoption via independent components and a composable architecture — with examples.

Why everything you know about microservices, micro frontends, monorepos, and even plain old component libraries, is about to change.

Learn how Bit versions individual independent components using its own set of object types.

Getting the most out of a distributed workforce with independent components and Bit

Eden Ella

Web developer. Writer. Editor @ Bits and Pieces.

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